verwilderte Saxophone
spielen einen maritimen Sound
von Jod und salzigem Kraut

A stimulating Riesling of immense complexity, bewitching softness and a wild play of aromas.« Daniel Deckers, FAZ

Powerfully spicy and mineral aromas are all I could smell at first. Beneath that onslaught on the nose where some more subtle scents of custard apple, musk and pomme fruits which carried through to the intensely ripe and richly textured pa-late that was both enjoyable and confron-ting at the same time due to its power and strength of character.«

An extremely deep, intensively mineralic and tasty smell of stone fruits, candied citrus fruits and slightly dried apples. Very tight, complex and lush, a slender, exciting acid, an intensive salty-mineralic aroma on the palate, an enormous power and depth, great lastingness, exciting, very complex and very, very long « M.Hofschuster, wein-plus

»Épicé, matière somptueuse, finesse étonnante...« La Revue du Vin de France